Learned Behaviours

We are what we learn, but all that can be unlearned if we choose to.

I-Feel-Shitty Days

I was cautiously optimistic when I woke up this morning. Sure, I felt tired, but I was hopeful that I’d managed to score more hours sleep than what it was beginning to feel like. 6:34 am. Crap.

The Perception Project: Talking With An Ex

Two weeks ago, I decided to be more active about facing my fears rather than overthinking. Rather than going off on crazy thought tangents working out all the possibilities, back stories and evil intentions, I decided that I should talk directly to whoever is concerned. So in order to learn and grow from past relationship faults, I decided to get in contact with those who were in the best position to give me more information, the experts if you will, my exes. What could possibly go wrong?

The Perception Project

That’s when I decided that the best way to be free of fear is to address it. Head on. Rather than over-thinking what I thought were my faults in past relationships, why didn’t I ask the people involved directly. Why didn’t I start by contacting my exes? So I did. That’s how the Perception Project began.